Coping with COVID-19

Coping with COVID-19

Spring 2020

Throughout April and May 2020, students in the spring Advanced Visual Journalism class set out to document how members in the Northwest region of Washington were coping with social distancing mandates stemming from the coronavirus. They explored the impact the pandemic had on education, business, families and community. 

While people around the globe endured countless challenges during these times, the students behind these projects also faced their own challenges of adjusting to the “new norms” of life while continuing their educational commitments remotely. Similarly, as visual journalists they are accustomed to working in close proximity with their subjects and rose to the challenge of documenting personal stories – from a distance. 


With identity as the core focus, several visual journalism students shed light on how people are coping with the pandemic. Some create, some pray, some cook, some bike — we grasp these things for comfort and certainty, however we can, no matter how challenging the circumstances become, because one thing remains steadfast: humans persevere.


The Pulse That Goes On

Stream the podcast about how faith and fellowship endure when gathering is forbidden. Browse the photo collection of spiritual leaders and followers at home and places of worship in Bellingham, Washington.
Podcast by Brooke Wilson

Mountain Biking

Pedaling Community

Watch to see what mountain biking means to individuals and why it shapes communities. Social distancing has changed the operations of Galbraith Mountain in Bellingham, Washington and the repercussions go far beyond its trails.
Video by Alex Moreno

The Arts

Creatives Cope With COVID-19

Two multimedia pieces that focus on the ways in which artists are coping with the worldwide pandemic, from live shows to social media outreach. And of course, the most important action: never stop creating.
Videos by Jaya Flanary


Four families discuss their experiences with distance learning during the pandemic

By Ella Banken, Alix Condit, Zack Jimenez, Allyson Roberts and Molly Todd


By Micah Evangelista, Hannah Gordon-Kirk, Isabel Lay and Emily Porter


Live Music Venues Fight for Survival

By Giovanni Andrew Roverso

Most venues will have been shut down for more than three months by the time live shows can start up again. But even then, it will be much longer before things return to some kind of normalcy. 

Local stakeholders paint a picture of the Bellingham live music industry at the peak of the pandemic.

The Intimacy Project

By Megan Sokol


This video explores the financial and social implications that have affected three sex workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.


By Cody Clark


Automotive shops in Bellingham fulfilled a unique role during the 2020 coronavirus outbreak. They were one of the few businesses allowed to remain open to serve customers. In this short film, two shop owners explain their approach to serving customers and staying afloat during an unprecedented historical event.