The Fate of the Ferry

The future of the Alaska Ferry is on the line after the Alaskan government proposed budget cuts to the Alaska Marine Highway System, which could include the closure of the southern terminus in Bellingham, Washington.

By Hailey Hoffman, Isa Kaufman and Joely Johnson

Accessing Art

Western Gallery Director Hafthor Yngvason and AbiliTrek Communications Director Kyann Flint speak on the importance of public art to a community, and why it’s important to engage people in designing public spaces. 

By Kelly Pearce

Changing Tides

A history of Bellingham\’s Waterfront

Jeff Jewell an archivist and historian at Whatcom Museum, Dr. Josh Cerretti, a history professor at Western Washington University, and Mike Hogan of Port of Bellingham provide some perspective on waterfront development over time.


Bellingham to Bristol Bay

Women in Commercial Fishing

Learn what inspires three Bellingham women to return to Alaska each year for salmon season.

By Regan Bervar, Alaena Fletcher and Alissa Vanlandingham

Muddy Waters

An Environmental History of Bellingham Bay

During the past century and a half, settlers have brought a dramatic and unprecedented ecological shift to the formerly thriving Bellingham Bay environment.


By Matthew Tangeman

Community Boating Center

This non-profit organization looks to connect the Bellingham community with accessible, recreational, water sports.

By Rachel Alexander, Tanner Thompson and Molly Workman