There is no way to escape the world of Covid-19. You can’t avoid hearing constant information about the pandemic in the media or even go outside without constant reminders of the disease’s looming presence. Maybe deep in the woods, but like way deep. Bear Grylls deep. But for most of us lacking such extreme outdoor survival skills, the arrival of the virus has drastically altered our daily lives. Businesses we depend on have had to change in order to adapt to these unnerving times, and it seems that all you can eat buffets may sadly be entering the realm of movie rental stores. It appears that the word ‘normal’ has never before had such widespread resonance, as for many the outbreak of Covid-19 has taken away typical day-to-day life. While for some, it has taken much more. The death toll has climbed to a quarter of a million Americans according to the Center for Disease Control with reported cases rising around the country. These statistics are staggering and should probably instill a certain amount of fear within you, but fear can be a healthy tool if you don’t allow it to become panic.

It’s important to have an understanding of Covid-19 and how viruses are spread in order to keep yourself and other safe and healthy during this pandemic. Information about the virus is essential, but only from reputable scientific sources. If you wouldn’t trust your uncle to perform a medical procedure on you, you probably shouldn’t rely on him for factual information about staying safe during a pandemic. And while I am by no means an expert in airborne viral infections and have no desire to ever perform a medical procedure on anyone, I have gathered information from the leading experts at the World Health Organization and the Center for Disease Control. With correct knowledge and exercised precautions we can beat this virus together, and maybe even one day return to cramming ourselves into tiny bars for overpriced drinks. 

Illustration about COVID-19
face mask illustration