Creatives Cope with COVID-19
By: Jaya Flanary
Two multimedia pieces that focus on the ways in which artists aren coping with the worldwide pandemic, from live shows to social media outreach. And, most importantly...
Never stop creating.

feat. Magnolia Baseball and Creators Collide

During the stay-at-home-order, musicians are restricted to playing virtual shows using programs like Zoom. Quarantined together, Bellingham band Magnolia Baseball continues playing in their basement where they recorded their first album. Guitarist Nathan Roe reminisces on live shows and looks forward to the WWU Entrepreneurship & Innovation Program’s virtual event, Creators Collide.

feat. Alexander Vincini and the Black Lab Gallery

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused non-essential businesses to temporarily close their doors. This mandate includes art galleries and live music venues, such as Everett’s Black Lab Gallery. The closure affects many creatives, including Alexander Vincini, who continues to make his art during quarantine. During a time in which art has been deemed non-essential, Black Lab’s owner, Isabella Valencia, is determined that artists will persevere and art will live on.