Whatcom Sounds


Whether we are aware of it or not, noises surround us, filling empty space in an invisible landscape. The pitter patter of the Pacific Northwest rain, car engines careening through the curving path of Chuckanut Drive, and the frantic hustle and bustle of the Saturday downtown market all create a backdrop of sound unique to Whatcom County. From a look at audible entertainment at Mount Baker Theatre to a partial exploration of Bellingham’s Deaf community, students in the spring 2022 advanced visual journalism class delve into the sounds of their home. This is Whatcom Sounds.

Project production team: Cierra Coppock, Rowan Forsythe and Lucas Bohannon

Mount Baker Theater
Silver Lake
Larrabee State Park
Whatcom Falls


The Impact of Noise Pollution on Wildlife

A look into the increasing amount of man-made noise pollution and its effects on neighboring wildlife soundscapes.
By Aryonnna Willoughby, Hannah Cross and Linnea Hoover

No Sound Needed

A partial exploration of Bellingham’s Deaf and Hard of Hearing community, Deaf history, and American Sign Language.
By Sadie Fick

Spaces Made for Sound

Learn about the history of the Mount Baker Theatre and how spaces designed for sound have had to change and evolve over the generations.
By Holden Predmore and Jake Isom

spring 2022