Fall 2016 Team



DSCF4852 2

Amy Page

  • Visual Journalism Major
  • Graduating December 2017
  • News design, photography, video games, bad movies
Bailey Jo2

Bailey Jo Josie

  • Visual Journalism Major, concentration in English and Japanese
  • Graduating June 2017
  • Journalism, art, movies, comic books, beer, rodeo, rock ‘n roll

Daisey James

  • Visual Journalism Major
  • Graduating December 2016
  • Sports photography, photojournalism, design, travel, maps, piña coladas, getting caught in the rain, health food and champagne

Dominic Yoxtheimer

  • Visual Journalism Major
  • Graduating June 2017
  • Photography, sleeping

Jake Tull

  • Visual Journalism Major
  • Graduating Winter 2017
  • Visual storytelling, photojournalism, sports and outdoor photography

Jared Rusk

  • Visual Journalism Major
  • Graduating December 2016
  • Videography, environmental and social justice issues, music, chocolate chip cookies, giving people hugs
JoeGosen 1

Joe Gosen

  • Assistant Professor
  • Department of Journalism
  • Western Washington University

Kyra Taubel-Bruce

  • Visual Journalism Major, Linguistics Major
  • Graduating June 2017
  • Written and visual storytelling, travel, human rights, culture, conflict, international politics, cheesecake and wine
Kennas Choice

McKenna Kloes

  • Visual Journalism Major
  • Graduating December 2016
  • Storytelling, fashion, photography, eating french fries, and sipping micro-brew with friends.
Randees pic

Randee Matthews

  • Visual Journalism Major
  • Graduating December 2016
  • Videography, beauty in any form